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What other vitamins supplement can I take with 1 a day Women’s?

What other vitamins supplement can I take with 1 a day Women’s?
One a day tablets have the basics that you need. To top it off, depending on your age, you should be taking an additional Calcium supplement.

I take a one a day plus an additional calcium in order to meet my intake since I don’t eat enough foods with calcium.

The main rule of thumb when taking vitamins is that you don’t over do it on A,D,E,K. They’re fat soluble vitamins and they tend to stay in your system longer, therefore making it easy to overdose and poison yourself with them. Vitamins B and C are the ones you can be more free about since they’re water soluble and they basically wash through your system faster than you could accumulate to overdose.

As far as hair growth, Vitamins B, C, and E help promote hair growth. However, if you want to avoid any issues with overdosing on Vit E, take a supplement of B complex (it will also help give you an energy boost) and/or vit C. Both would benefit you beyond hair growth, so it would definitely be something to consider.

If you have any health issues or are taking medications, you should double check with your doctor to play it safe.
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