vendredi 10 juin 2011

How Many Women Died in 2011 From Cervical Cancer

How Many Women Died in 2011 From Cervical Cancer?/
How many women die a year of breast cancer and cervical cancer in the UK?
Here are some stats:…

Here’s what you should know about cervical cancer: It used to be a top killer of women, but the pap smear can detect cervical abnormalities in the precancer stage. Still, there is no magic way to prevent cervical cancer. The way the prevent it is by removing pieces of your cervix. This will not kill you, but it can cause fertiliy problems and sexual disfunction. Also, this does nothing to cure the HPV, so cervical abnormaities may return. If they keep coming back, women have no choice but to have a hysterectomy.

And for certain cervical abnormalities, the recommended treatment is alway hysterectomy. Even when the abnormalities aren’t yet invasive cancer.

If you have access to medical care, cervical abnormalities do not usually threaten you life, but they can have an enormous impact on your life.

It’s actually a little secret of gynecology that they routinely remove pieces of women’s cervixes. It happens every single day to lots of women. It’s so common, I seriously doubt you will be able to find any stats on it. How many LLETZ’s are performed in the UK each year? No one is keeping that stat. This is pretty ridiculous, I think. Can you imagine if it was men routinely having pieces of their reproductive organs removed? There would be outrage. But since it’s cervixes, no one seems to care.
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