dimanche 17 avril 2011

Mesotherapy clinics in London

Mesotherapy clinics in London - Hi it is about 50 quid per session or about 400 to 500 per 7 treatments. depending on where you have it done. The salon I had it done only charges me per treatment and i didnt have to book 7 treatments as i didnt need that many. It does work believe me. You need follow the instructions that are given by the salon as this helps loads.

I have had 2 mesotherapy treatments at a clinic and i have tried mesotherapy injection at home myself. to be honest, both hurts alot. But one treatment done by doctor are very expensive in Canada ($350 CAD) per treatment.

Try co.uk if your interested in Flab jab, or lipodissolve as they call it. A friend of mine had it done and you can really tell the difference - I think she said it was £250 for your face and £300 for the body - per area. Although she had to go twice so i guess that you double it in that case.

i have found a clinic in london that is doing 7 treatments for £210, also the consultation is free! i am having my 1st treatment today and am really excited as cellulite has be the curse of my life now for 15 years.
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