lundi 13 juin 2011

Thymosin Beta 4

Thymosin Beta 4 - The medicine has been waiting for the new tested on mice in the laboratory and successfully. The medicine, called thymosin beta 4 by the British Heart Foundation is considered a miracle in heart disease research. Despite this, it still needed a few more years before the drug can be used humans.

The team of scientists from University College London, UK, doing research on groups of cells capable of transforming themselves into heart tissue type in the embryo. However, in adults, epicardium-derived progenitor cells become inactive or asleep. Scientists then use chemicals thymosin beta 4 for the wake of these cells.

"Cells epicardial which fortifies the heart muscle can be activated and form new heart muscle. We see the improvement and the ability of the heart to pump blood up 25 percent," said Professor Paul Riley of University College London.

As is known, a heart attack will make the muscle tissue deprived of oxygen and damaged or dead. If blood flow can be restored, the heart damage can be limited.

"The more blood pumped, scar tissue in the heart can be reduced and the heart wall becomes thicker," he explained.

If this drug will also be effective in humans, then millions of lives could be saved heart attack patients. These drugs are still studied and is estimated to be 10 years away can be tried in humans.
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